Woman Assumed Clock Was Broken Until She Figured Out The Cause


Cats are very mysterious creatures and they can’t be tamed. The felines always do what they feel like doing.

Meet Willow, an orange and white cat who is always curious about all the things around her!

This little furry cat loves to explore everything in her home. Her hoomans think that the cat is not capable of a lot of things, but cats love to prove everyone wrong all the time. Cats hate to give up something that they really like to do. They never let other people control who they are.

Willow’s hooman mom Michelle O’Connor said,

She jumps in an open cupboard or drawer and hides in shopping bags or any bag really. If you remove her she meows in a temper tantrum. She’s always doing things she shouldn’t be like chasing the dog so she’s affectionately known as twat cat.

Cat hoomans always find something or the other suspicious about their cats and there is nothing to frown upon. The felines are such that they make everyone around them suspicious about them. O’Connor noticed that there was something wrong about one of the clocks on the wall.

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Every time O’Connor fixed the clock on the wall, it turned out to be wrong again and again. She had no clue what was going on in the house. Thinking that the clock must be broken, O’Connor did not suspect that it was the cat.

O’Connor said,

The clock was wrong at the start of November so I changed the batteries. I noticed it was wrong two weeks later so I changed the battery again.

Finally, O’Connor discovered that there was nothing wrong with the clock. It was the cat all this while. It was her daughter who caught the cat red-handed. Even after getting caught, the cat felt nothing wrong with the clock. The cat loves to change the clock and does it time and again. But it may be difficult for her from now on.


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