These Photos Are Proof That Cats Can Be Huge Jerks


Cats can be really adorable at times, but they always end up being selfish jerks in one way or the other. If you live with a cat, you know exactly what we mean. Here are some hilarious photos that are proof that cats can be huge jerks. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will know how cats make it possible!


You literally need a manual to understand what your cat wants from you.


When your cat’s friend visit, make sure that you make them feel welcome.


A cat always makes sure that he gets food at the right time. It doesn’t matter if he has to wake the entire house for it.


When your cat has a whole bed to himself, but this is where he chooses to sleep.

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A cat will always show you who the real owner is.


Working from home has not been easy for the cat hoomans.


When your cat is hungry in the morning and you don’t wake up on time.


Cats always choose what they want and you can’t stop them till the time they want to.


When you try to keep your plants away from the cat, but he always finds a way to get to them.


The poster has been put up for a reason. You should not listen to the cat at any cost.


The lucky day when the cats find the real treasure in the house.


Always share your food with the cat, or it will steal it from you.


When your cat is not used to seeing you around all day long and this is what he does to make sure it ends.


Hiding is a talent that cats are born with.


Cats only have one purpose in life and that is to bring a smile on your face. They have no ulterior motives at all.

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