Tabby Cat Guards His Baby Brother and Becomes His Cuddle Buddy for Life


Children get attached to their furry friends very quickly. One little boy found a best friend in his furry companion. He held onto him dearly and didn’t let go. That was the only thing that really mattered to the little baby.

Many people are scared of letting their pets anywhere near their little child. They usually don’t trust their pets around their kids. What if the pet would scratch or hurt the child? But this is not always the case.

This tabby cat guards his baby brother and they have become cuddle buddies for life. The smile on the child’s face when he is with the cat is truly priceless.

Dalla E’s family adopted a cat named Puma almost ten years ago. When a little baby came into the family, the tabby cat was twice his size. The baby Ace quickly got friendly with the cat and treats him like his big brother. Puma also has the same feeling for his little baby brother. Both of them can’t stay away from one another.

The cat happily lets the little infant snuggle next to him whenever the child wants to cuddle with the cat. Before the birth of Ace, Puma used to take naps alone on the couch by his hooman’s bed. Now, Ace is the cat’s nap companion. Puma guards Ace and takes care of him.

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Here are some other cats who love to be around their hooman’s child and take care of them like their siblings. This kind of love can melt anyone’s heart within an instant. Have a look at these pictures of adorable cats and babies and your heart will melt too!

Cats will never harm your child. In fact, the cat will take care of the kid like his own.

Look at this cat who is guarding the child while he sleeps peacefully! It is true bliss to see such pure bond.

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