10 Naughty Pets Who Didn’t Expect You’d Be Home So Soon


Getting into your pet’s head is just impossible. If you have more than one pet, than you are surely up for a lot of trouble. Have you ever found a broken vase or messed up fridge after you return from work. You wonder who might have done that. Well, it’s none other than your innocent pet. Some of the pets were caught by their owners when they returned home before time. your pet is in major trouble now.

#1 Who has been eating all the ice cream that went missing from your fridge? It’s none other than your favorite pet.

#2 This kitty suddenly came to the great realization. Look how his eyes went wide.

#3 When your dog is scared of all the monsters in your home, this is the safest place to hide.

#4 “Just preparing for the upcoming fight. Oh sorry! We didn’t feel that it was important to ask you first.”

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#5 This pawsome pet caught while preparing for his secret mission. He won’t give out a single detail.

#6 “I was going to clean it all up before you returned. But since you are back, you can do it yourself.”

#7 When the horse decides to follow human trend.

#8 The cat can’t even find a way to look at his hooman. Similar situation when your kids look at you innocently after being caught.

#9 When your dog has been busy fighting the imaginary monsters behind your back. One of the reasons you should adopt a dog.

#10 Your cat has been mixing a secret potion in your food all this while. This is why we have been serving our cats instead of them listening to us.

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