Meet Fat Fred, A Cat Who Is Going Viral After Someone Posted Photos Of A Vet Clinic’s Hilarious Sign


All cats are adorable no doubt, but some cats manage to get the attention of others smoothly.  A cat called Fat Fred has gone viral after someone share the pictures of this cat from a vet’s clinic. It is surely the fastest cat that you have ever seen.

Fat Fred is a chonky adorable cat that you wouldn’t have met before. The vet clinic where he lives has also put some posters to tell their customers all about the cat. The Imgurian KneeAppallingTanIceCream first shared the story of this fat cat and it immediately went viral. Well, who doesn’t want to know his story!

Here are the signs from the vet clinic! Have a look to know more about Fat Fred!

This is what the person who made this cat viral said,

I just happened to look down and read the funny posters as I was passing by. I immediately walked to the window to see if Fred was there because, you know, who doesn’t want to see a 28lb cat?

Meet Fat Fred now! He is super cool and totally pawsome.

This image of Fat Fred looks like a pepper ghost due to the sun’s blinding effect. KneeAppallingTanIceCream also shared that the vet was not open the day he saw Fat Fred. So he could only watch the big cat from the window.

He was very playful even though the window. As far as a pet slimming down, an appropriate cat diet with some good activity time each day should help. I am actually about to go out of state, but plan on visiting Fred when I get back after the holidays.

Even though Fat Fred looks really pawsome and has got everyone’s love, being fat is not a good thing for cats or in fact, anybody. It’s good to be in shape and follow a healthy diet.

Here’s how people reacted to the story of this chonky cat!

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