Meet Famous Instagram Cat Jasper Who Lost Both Of His Eyes To Corneal Ulcers And 57K Of His Followers Can’t Get Enough Of Him


People say appearances are deceptive and rightly so. After you meet the cat Jasper, you will understand why. Jasper is a spooky hairless cat, but he is a star on Instagram. The cat was suffering from corneal ulcers due to which he lost both of his eyes.

However, Jasper’s disability didn’t stop him from living a happy life. Jasper’s hoomans love him more than anything and even the people on the internet have fallen in love with the cat. You may not believe this, but Jasper has more than 57,000 followers on the social media.

You will have tears in your eyes when you will get to know what happened with Jasper. The cat was healthy and adorable when he was adopted at the age of two years. But in November 2013, Jasper was diagnosed with corneal ulcer in his right eye. There was no other option but to remove his eye.

The poor kitty faced another life threatening challenge a few years later. His other eye also had corneal ulcer and had to be removed. Even after suffering so much, Jasper acted bravely and is a happy cat. He is twelve years old now.

Jasper is really famous on the internet. You should definitely have a look at the adorable pictures of this cat. Here is a collection of some of the best pictures of Jasper for you. Have a look!

Jasper looks really cool in this pirate look.

Even though Jasper looks scary, he is very sweet and cheerful.

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Now who wants this cool tattoo!

Here’s a picture of Jasper when he was healthy and young.

Jasper loves to play with his hoomans and surprise them.

Jasper likes to eat with his hoomans. He is just like a little baby in the family.

Don’t forget to share this pawsome story with your family and friends. Every cat deserves love no matter how it looks. Share your views about this lovely kitty in the comment section.

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