Comics That Hilariously Depicts Difference Between Cats And Dogs


It is a known fact that cats and dogs are worlds apart. But what is it that makes them so different? You are about to know everything that set cats and dogs in two different worlds. While dogs are the loyal best friends of humans, cats are the pets that you need in order to bring your life on track. Your cat will always give you honest opinions and may be rude at times. But they know what’s best for everyone.

Here are comics that hilariously depict differences between cats and dogs. Have a look at these comics and you will get to know everything!


While cats choose their own hoomans, dogs are the chosen ones. Also, when a cat sits on your lap, you are not allowed to move till the time he gets up.


You can pet a dog whenever you want, but this is not the situation with cats. Don’t pet a cat till the time you are prepared to be scratched. “Who gave you the permission to touch me! Stay away or I will bite.”


Cats may care for you, but they will never show. The felines are emotionally unavailable most of the times.


Perspective changes everything. Cats have a very different way of doing everything. Also, they think that they are gods, which might be true in the catverse. What do you think?

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If you know, you know. Nothing can change the way a cat thinks.


Cats are very witty. They also keep themselves as the top priority. Everything else is secondary. A cat’s safety and security prevails over everything else.


A cat may not be a man’s best friend, but it is all that you need. Cats are the most relatable pets ever. There’s no one else like them.


Cats like to put on poker face most of the time, unless they are super expressive. You will never know what is going on in your cat’s mind.


A cat needs a nap at the right time. Everything else can wait.

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