Collection Of Cute And Funny Cats That’ll Warm Your Heart


Cats know how to walk smoothly through your heart. You can never say no to a cat when it wants to make you smile. The cats are best at being hilarious and adorable at the same time. No one does it better than them. All the cat hoomans consider themselves really lucky that they are blessed with such pawsome companions.

Here is a collection of cute and funny cats that will warm your heart. Have a look at these cat pictures and your heart will melt too!


“Is it Christmas already? I thought I ruined a Christmas tree few days back. Are you getting another one?”


When your cats decide to cook and actually wait for your opinion. “What would you like to eat hooman? A dead rat or a dead bird? We may even have some leftovers from last week.”


When you have a vamp cat at home, you should never ever touch it without its permission. The cat looks in a good mood now.


When your cat is upset and can’t decide if he should react or not. “It’s only a waste of time. You will never get it!”

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“My cat giving me the weird look so that I leave him alone for a few minutes and he gets to leave all his paw marks on the pie.”


When your cat is acting all cute, know that he certainly wants something.


This is the cutest moment ever. The cat fell asleep on his hooman’s shoulder. Cats can actually fall asleep anywhere.


“You can’t go to your room now. We are preparing a surprise for you up there. Wait for some while.”


A cat knows that he is the boss of the home and always acts like one. Your cat will not forget, so it’s better that you too remember.


Now you know that cats know how to read, you should probably remove all the posters you put up insulting your cat.

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