Cat Who Lived In A Church For 12 Years Passes Away, The Church Gives Her An Entire Memorial Service


Somewhere in 2008, a stray cat walked into the Southwark Cathedral in London and stayed forever. The little kitty found a cozy space in the consistory court on a cushion or beneath the chancel. Meet Doorkins Manificat, the cat who became a vital part of the church’s community!

The little cat captured the hearts of the visitors and the clergy alike. Dean Andrew Nunn said that the cat made the place gentler, softer and more accessible to the people. The cat also met the Queen. She was sleeping on her favorite spot when the Queen arrived.

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 The sad part is that Doorkins Magnificat passed away on 30 September.

The Southwark Cathedral  held a memorial service to commemorate the beloved feline. The church members laid the cat to rest in the churchyard.

The Dean added a touching obituary to the cat and thanked god for giving them such companions out of their good creation. Everyone will definitely miss the cat a lot. If you want more information about Doorkins Magnificat, then you can find it at

Cats are really special and know very well how to enter anyone’s heart. There are lots of people out there who think that they hate cats. But everything changes when they meet a cat. The felines always make sure that their hoomans are happy and smiling all the time. Cats fill their hooman’s life with lots of happiness, adventure and color.

If you are a cat hooman, even the thought of losing them will scare you. The world of cat hoomans revolve around their cats. There is nothing more important to them. A cat is like the little baby in the family and also the most important member of the family. The cat keeps the family together and happy.

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