Cat Spotted Regularly Taking Subway In Tokyo All By Himself


For cats, nothing is difficult and there is no world called impossible in their dictionary. The felines do all that they like. Most of the times, cats end up surprising humans with their actions. It is impossible to understand cats and how they manage to do everything that they do.

Read the pawsome story of this cat travelling in the Tokyo subway and you will get an idea what we are talking about.

The Tokyo subway system is very confusing for the people who have been traveling in it since ages. But this cat laughs out loud at all of them. This smart cat has been spotted by many travelling in the Tokyo subway on daily basis. The cat is not afraid of traveling in the Seibu Ikebukuro Line of the city where many people get confused. But this cat has nothing to worry about.

Cats are always confident about everything that they do. This is why they almost never make mistakes. Cats are good at finding their way and they don’t need a map. A cat always follows its heart and that’s the only map that the cat needs.

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The cat spotted traveling in the Tokyo subway has confused many people. Many passengers have observed that the cat has bene travelling in the subway since 2013. All the cats look the same so many people are not sure if it’s the same one.

Even though the people are surprised to see the cat around, they really like the company of this furry little creature. There is nothing in this world that can lighten up your world like a cat does. There is no way that you can stay sad when a cat around. This is why all the passengers of the Tokyo subway travelling with cat get really happy. Just seeing the cat makes everyone happy and smiling.


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