A Study Revealed That Your Cats Can Lie To You To Get What They Want


Cats have proved their intelligence time and again. They always protect their hoomans from the dangerous situations. You can totally rely on your cat because it has always got your back.

Even though cats don’t speak our language, they are smart enough to understand what we say. Studies show that cats not only understand what their humans say, but also strategize to put things their way.

Cats are sneaky creatures and everyone knows this. They keep on collecting little things for their treasure and store them in their secret place, probably the couch in your home.

Nobody knows what their cats do when they have go to bed. The sneaky felines also know how to lie to their hoomans and get what they want. They use their adorable looks and gestures to manipulate their hoomans into doing what they want.

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A study published in Animal Cognition shows that cats use their behavior and tactics to lie to us. All that matters to cats is that they should accomplish what they want.

For studying the behavior of cats, the researchers set up food boxes in three different locations. In the first box, there was cat’s favorite treat. In the second box, there was a treat that cat didn’t like much. And in the third one, there was no treat.

The cats were asked to lead different humans to these hidden boxes. The results of the study showed that cats would take the cooperative humans to the box with their favorite treat. But when it came to competitive humans, the cats led them to the empty boxes.

Cats are smart and they know that the competitive human will keep the treats for themselves. This is the reason why cats led the competitive humans to empty treat boxes. On the other hand, the cooperative humans would gladly share their treat with the cats. So the cats happily took them to the box with their favorite treats.

The experiment was a little tricky, but cats are smart enough to get what they want.

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