10+ Wholesome Tumblr Posts About Cats That Will Make You Grin


Cats are good at putting a smile on everyone’s face. They are an expert at it. This is why cat hoomans always find a reason to smile and stress stays far away from them. Living with a cat is the best thing ever.

Here are some wholesome tumblr posts about cats that will make you grin. Have a look at these cats and there will be a big smile on your face too!


If you want any suggestions for your cat’s name, you know where to look.


Somebody has finally started understanding their cat’s language. This is definitely the purrfect name for a cat.


Your cat’s name can actually save your life.


You can never stop your cat from doing what it wants to do.

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This is how quickly a cat’s charm works.


If you were wondering how your cats feel about you, here’s your answer.


It’s amazing how your cat understands everything that you say and reacts to it.


This is something really surprising and doesn’t happen everyday. The cat lady knows how to discipline the cats which many people think is impossible.


It wouldn’t be surprising if cats are the guardians of secret knowledge. They rule the world and this is the only reason why it is possible.


When people fail to understand cats and make unnecessary suggestions about them. You need to check the facts before you make any assumptions about cats.


Cats also get conscious about their weight sometimes.


When there is a cat in the house, nobody is going to study. Cats are too smart to let anyone else answer the teacher’s question.


When your cat knows exactly what to do to enjoy a good fight between you and your husband.


Your cat will make you bow down before him. There is no other way. Living with a cat is not easy at all.


When your cat knows exactly what to do to get all your attention.


Only a cat knows what it wants.

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