10 Times Pets Realized Their Owners Were Weird And Silly


You might have met a lot of weird and silly pets. But what if the pet owner is crazier and more weird than the pet? Is it even possible? Cats and dogs are always up to doing something weird and silly. This is what they are supposed to do. But they found it really strange when their hoomans started acting all weird and silly.

Here are some pictures that show times when pets realized their owners were weird and silly. Have a look at these hilarious pictures and you will feel the same way too!


“Why does my hooman put his life in danger everyday? I am sure he will drown in this bathtub one day.” Every cat is dreadful of this thing.


“My hooman likes to click weird pictures of me and share with everyone. What if I do the same with her! Either you change your ways or I will change my hooman.”


“Our hooman likes to wrap us with towels and stuff us in boxes every time she goes to sleep. What’s wrong with her?”


When the cat hooman is crazier than the cat. Maybe these two swapped their roles too.

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When the cat hooman puts away all the boxes in the house, where is the cat supposed to sleep?


“Only I am allowed to sleep in other people’s bed. How dare she sleep in mine!”


“Are we playing blance the fruits now? What do you think I am! A joker?”


When your hooman ties up all your hair so that it looks more organized, “This looks super weird. None of my friends’ hooman does this.”


When your hooman wants you to act like the Chiefs fans, but you have no clue what is it all for. Pet owners are getting super weird these days.


“Do I look like Buck from Ice Age to you? Well, I can’t see anything now. Can you remove this?”

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