10 Snapchats That Prove Cats Are Living A Better Life Than Humans


It would be no surprise to know that our cats lead a better life than us. They don’t waste even a moment wondering about how their life would have been if they did some things differently. Cats plan out everything and make sure that they get everything that they want. You can’t stop a cat when it is determined to get something. Some cat hoomans just wish that they too could live just like their cats. But sadly, that cannot happen. At least they have their cats by their side to cheer them up and add color to their life.

Here are some pawsome snapchats that prove cats are living a better life than humans. Have a look at these pictures and you will know what you are missing out!


What better way to fall asleep? At least this cat likes to talk to fishes instead of hunting them down.


These two need no children. Their pets are everything for them.


Not every cat bites. Some like to punch too.


Cats don’t like it when someone else is placed higher than them. They are the rulers and they like to keep it that way.

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This doggo knows the rules well. It would be better if you learn them too before getting a cat.

Everyone is scared of a cat. Stopping them is not an option. You have to give them everything that they need. Cats deserve the best of everything. They always make everything work for themselves.


The cat needs to check each of the piece before his hoomans eat it. A cat always ensures that his family is safe.


A cat always has a plan for everything. It needs to be done bit by bit.


“What is this magical dish, hooman? I really like it.”


Cats like to do different things everyday. Life is short and it’s better to make the most of it.


It’s difficult to work from home when there is a cat to distract you.

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