10 Situations That Perfectly Show What Having a Cat Is Like


Cats are unpredictable and sneaky pets. If you want to live with one, then you should at least know what a cat is like. Cats are ambitious and want all their hooman’s attention, especially when they have work to do.

Here are some situations that perfectly show what having a cat is like. Have a look at these cats and get to know cats better.


Your cat will sit in any box that it likes and then act like he is the king of the world. Well, if not the world, then he definitely the king in your house.


Sunlight is the magical thing that can heal you. So you should take sunlight everyday.


Cats like to observe everything that happens in the house and food amuses them the most.


Your cat may ignore you most of the times. But once in a while, they will give you such weird expressions.

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Cats act weird all the time and giving weird expressions is their favorite thing to do.


Your cat worries about you the most when you take a bath. They get really happy when they see that you survived it.


Sleeping in the weirdest and most unexpected places is every cat’s birthright. You cannot stop them from doing what they want to.


Your cat will give you the most innocent look and ask you to stay whenever you want to go out.


Getting inside bags and staring at you silently is what cats like to do. They think that it is their duty to keep a watch on their hoomans.


When you tell your cat to do something, it will do the exact opposite. Sitting in a box is always at the top of their priority list.

Cat’s love for boxes cannot be diminished by anything or anyone. Once they see a box, they start planning how they should fit inside the box.


You can make your cat sit at one place and do your work quietly. This is what it will take to calm your cat down.

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