10 Shameless Cats That Don’t Care About ‘Stupid’ Humans Rules


Cats care about a lot of things, but human rules are not on the list. The felines find human rules stupid and useless. So they have made their own set of rules to run their hooman’s world. Now there won’t be any conflicts because everything works as per the cat rules.

Here are some shameless cats that don’t care about stupid human rules. Have a look at these hilarious cat pictures and maybe you will also find these rules hilarious and stupid!


A cat always leaves a mark to show his participation. “See hooman, this looks so adorable. Should I put my paw mark on all of them?”


When you prepare to take a bath, but your cat intervenes in between.


Even this cat’s paws show that he is full of love.


When you try to keep your cat out of something, it will somehow find a way to get in. It doesn’t matter if it destroys everything on his way.

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If a cat likes to sit in the cup, it will. Cats don’t discriminate. It is totally not in their books.

There is no one better than cats when it comes to posing for pictures. But this is not as easy as it looks. A lot of effort needs to be put to convince a cat to pose for a picture. Most of the times, cats don’t even care.


When your cat is more serious about losing weight than you. “Hooman, why don’t you sit in the back and let me be in the front. Also, I don’t want you to block my view.”


Meet the cat plant! This is the cat’s favorite place to sit.


“I am friends with the monster that’s under your bed.” A cat is always proud of everything he does. There is nothing to hide.


Cats take bird watching very seriously.


Cats taking possession of an empty box be like. “This territory has been conquered. Let’s move to the next one now.”

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