10 Photos That Prove Cats Can Be Just as Loyal as Dogs


Cats may be a lot different than dogs, but they are just as loyal to their hoomans as dogs are. The felines don’t show it often. They like to keep a low profile when it comes to expressing love and affection. It may take some time before your cat finally opens up to you. Nevertheless, the cats care for their hoomans more than they can imagine. They are always looking out and watching for any signs of danger.

Here are some photos that prove cats can be just as loyal as dogs. Have a look at these pictures and you will know!


Ever seen a cat wait like this for its hooman? It happens only when the cat hooman is supposed to get treats.


A cat always makes sure that its hooman is happy and smiling. Troubles stay away when a cat is near!


Watching a cat sleep certainly gives a lot of joy.


Cats rarely do this. So when they do, make sure you capture it. You never know when this moment will come in your life again.

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Cats always make sure that they are in the picture with his hooman. “Everyone should know that my hooman has a cat, so that nobody ever tries to take my spot.”

A cat always protects his hooman, no matter what happens. Get a cat and you will know.


Cats guard their hoomans when they sleep. They are always scared that something will happen to their hooman.


These cats are waiting for their hooman to be back home. Look how adorable these cats are!


“Hooman, what do you say? Shall we play hide and seek today?”


Convincing your cat to pose for a decent picture is not an easy job. Be really proud of yourself if you are capable of it!


This cat stole his hooman’s place and he won’t be leaving anytime soon. Cats do that often because they know that what belongs to their hooman is theirs as well.

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