10 Photos Proving That Our Cats Aren’t Always the Sweet Kitties They Pretend to Be


Cats are just adorable and beautiful. They also have a side that many people don’t know about. Cats are crazy, adventurous and always get what they want.

Here are some photos proving that our cats aren’t always the sweet kitties. Have a look at these cats and you will get to know why!


Cats know how to make a joke out of everything that their hoomans get for them. “I see that you don’t want it anymore, so I will use it now.”


Some hoomans can’t get enough of their cats. But then, there are also some cats who can’t get enough of their hoomans.


“You have deviated from your dieting chart, hooman. I had to do this to bring you back on track. Anyways, this tastes so bad. Why are you spoiling your body for this!”


If your cat wants to sleep somewhere, there is no way that it will move. You better have a replacement ready.

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When you want to sleep, but your cat has some other plans for you. “Wake up, hooman! Why are you still sleeping? It’s time to play.”


Cats always find a way to keep a watch on their hoomans.

Her new favorite nap spot. We can’t close the door when we’re on the toilet.


“If it’s warm, I sits.” Cats always find a warm and comfortable place to take a nap. It doesn’t bother them if they are interrupting their hoomans. The felines have absolute right over everything.


If your cat was sitting on your towels, it is suggested that you wash them again.


When you make every provision to provide your cat with the best life, but he chooses this instead.


The cat may not like to use the bed that you got for him, but he would certainly steal the rabbit’s bed.

I bought my bunny a new house and the cat immediately took over.

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