People Are Posting Unflattering Photos Of Their Cats


You might have always seen the adorable side of cats. But what about the unflattering side? Cats have many phases and you may not get to see all of them. The felines are super hilarious. If you think so, then wait till you see their unflattering side.

Here are some cat people posting unflattering photos of their cats. Have a look at these pictures and you will surely have a good laugh!


When your cat wants to help you and things end up like this. “Why does my face feel so wet? Can you look at this, hooman?”


“This is my cat ruining my birthday party. He is very flattered with himself.”


“It’s all your fault, hooman. You have no sense when it comes to clicking pictures. I warn you to never even try to take my picture again!”


When you think that your cat has left you and then he returns. “Cats get quite cranky when they are angry.”

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Cats rarely laugh and when they do, it may not be adorable.

Cats do not respect their hooman’s privacy, then why should their hoomans give them any privacy. If you want to make things work with your cat, then you have to do things their way. They only understand cat language.


When your cat catches you taking his ugly pictures. “This is not good, hooman. If you ever share these pictures, that will be the last mistake of your life.”


A cat is never ashamed of what it does. He is confident about everything that he does.


This picture explains itself. Nothing needs to be said.


The cat doesn’t seem very happy. “If I ever tell your secrets to anyone, nobody would even like to stand next to you. Delete that picture now!”


When your cat wants to try a different angle of clicking pictures.

Don’t forget to share these hilarious unflattering pictures with your friends who love cats. Share with us how they react to these pictures.

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