10 Owners That Just Wanted A Cat But Actually Got a Beloved Family Member


Adopting a cat is not easy as it looks. A cat is nothing like other pets. Getting a cat is like getting a beloved family member. Your cat will have a say in everything you do. It controls your sleep cycle and decides if you get to eat something or not. Cats have been ruling us since ages. We are not ready to believe it yet. Only cat hoomans know this big secret.

Here are some cat owners who just wanted a cat, but actually got a beloved family member. Have a look at these pictures and you will get an idea what it feels like to get a cat!


A cat needs to have his own place. Please make proper arrangements for it when you get a cat. But this doesn’t take away a cat’s right to invade your bed.


“You could have got me a box instead. What’s this stupid thing! I will destroy it tonight while you sleep.” When a cat says something, it must be heard.


Cats never sleep like this until they really trust their hoomans.


A cat can fall asleep anywhere at any time it likes. Please don’t wake it up when it sleeps.

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Taking care of your cat like a baby is all that you need to do.

Did you get yourself a cat or a baby? Decide for yourself.


These two cats are looking so adorable that nobody noticed that the third one is missing.


What would you be if not a cat person? There is no other option.


This cat has his personal art gallery. This is so adorable.


This is the only way to convince your cat to go on a trip with you. A cat only cares about getting enough sleep and nothing else.


Please don’t spend so much time on creating a house for your cat. It will be more than happy to sleep inside a box.

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