10+ “My Cat, Not My Home” And “My Home, Not My Cat” Tweets About Cats That Do What They Want


Cats are allowed to wander wherever they like and whenever they want. Nobody can control them, not even their hoomans.

Here are some “My cat, not my home” and “My home, not my cat” tweets about cats that do what they want. Have a look at these cats and you will know how it is all possible!


When you have been looking for your cat everywhere and this is where you find him, your cat has already found a new home for himself.


Cats can’t be loyal to one family because they have to take care of many people’s needs.


When a cat walks into your home and sleeps in your bed, consider yourself adopted.


Leave the window open and you will become a cat hooman even before you know it.

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Cats don’t become friends with a dog very easily. This one might be really special.


Cats don’t like to settle, so they just keep on moving around.


It seems like your cat has been enjoying your neighbor’s company lately. You should plan on getting another cat.


A cat has a lot of responsibilities. It has to make sure that everything is done perfectly.


It’s really easy for cats to fool their hoomans.


It’s good to take care of your neighbor’s cats when they are not around. The cats won’t mind at all.


When a cat enters your home, you just can’t ask him to leave. It’s pretty rude.


Earlier, people used to babysit their neighbor’s children. Now it’s time to take care of the cats instead.


This cat had some unfinished business here. Maybe he couldn’t thank God enough for giving him a cat’s body and a wonderful life.


A cat has many fans. You just can’t expect him to be with you all the time. Consider yourself lucky if you get to spend time with your cat.


A cat never runs away from its duties. He won’t rest till the time everything on his list is dealt with.

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