10 Hilariously Bizarre Habits Of Cats That They Think Are Normal


Everything that cats do may be weird for you. But to them, it all seem perfectly normal. Cats don’t care what you think about them. To them, humans seem weird and strange. Cats feel that humans unnecessarily waste their time stressing about things that won’t even last. Instead, they should live life to the fullest till it lasts.

Here are some hilariously bizarre habits of cats that think they are normal. Have a look at these pictures and tell us what you think about these cat habits.


Once in a while, cats like to show off how sassy they are.


When the cat hooman doesn’t offer food to the cat, this is what it will resort to. You should prevent this from happening whenever you can.


This cat likes to wear slippers and has a really good taste.


“I said do not touch me, hooman. Do you like it when I bite?”

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When cats are done dealing with your mess and give you the look, stop everything at once and listen to them. Cats are always right.


It doesn’t matter how high you place the TV, the cat will always find a way to its top. “I sit where I can get all your attention, hooman. There is no escape. This is what you signed up for.”


Cats can sleep wherever they like whenever they want. This thing is totally unpredictable.


When you leave your pets alone for two minutes and come back to this.


When a stray cat enters your car, it is assigning you the post of its hooman. Cats never ask for permission and you can’t tell them leave. They always have it their way.


When you try to leave without taking your cats’ permission and they find out about it. “Are you going somewhere, hooman? You are taking us along, right?”

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