10 Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats And Snow Aren’t Meant For Each Other


Cats are certainly very unpredictable. But there is one thing that everyone definitely knows about cats. Can you guess it already? Yes, cats hate water and this will not change under any circumstances. But then what about snow? If cats hate water, then do they hate snow too? Or do they secretly admire the white miracle of god? Well, this is what you are about to find out about cats today. Some of you might have already guessed and here it is! Cats completely hate snow also and their reaction to snow can be quite hilarious.

Here are some hilarious photos that prove cats and snow aren’t meant for each other. Have a look at these pictures and you won’t be able to stop laughing at these pawsome cats!


This cat is trying to balance it all on the front paws. It can get pretty cold.


When cats can’t understand why god made snow and get all upset about it.


This is what most cats like to do when it’s snowing outside.


A cat can do with any small space without snow. “I will manage with this till the time my hooman comes back to get me”

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Cats like to watch snow from far away. Playing with snow is not something that they want.


When you leave your cat out in snow for the first time and this is how he reacts. “Why is this white sand so cold! It is killing me. Somebody save me, please!”


This cat is happy that his hooman finally picked him up. “What would I do without you, hooman!”


Never leave your cat outside when it snows. Cats hate snow and they will hate you too if you do such thing.


This cat is definitely praying to god to save him.


“My hooman left me in the snow. This is how I woke up. I am not at all happy about it.”

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