10 Cats Who Try Their Hardest To Find Anything Warm To Nap On


Cats love two things the most: warmth and sleep. So the felines put in their best efforts to find anything warm to nap on. If you have ever lived with a cat, you would know that sunlight has complete control over your cat. The moment your cat finds a perfect spot with sunlight, it would stick there for hours.

Here are some pawsome cats who try their hardest to find anything warm to nap on. Have a look at these pictures and you will understand that cats are really smart!


A steel radiator is always a better place to sleep on as compared to the bed. Cats always choose wisely.


Cats surely like to play with fire. Don’t get too close or you may end up getting hurt, little cat.


Put a lamp beside your laptop and your cat won’t disturb you while you work. Cats always like spotlights and if it keeps them warm, then there is no way they will ever leave this spot.


You may have to do your laundry twice when there are cats in your home. “Hooman, this feels really warm and comfortable.”

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When your cat finds the perfect place with sunlight in the house and acts like a goddess sitting there. “Bow down before me, hooman. I know you need my blessings.”

This cat is shining in the sun. Does this happen to your cat too?


A cat always knows how to keep its paws warm. Look how innocent he looks!


This is how your cat gets all its energy. “Just wait for two more minutes hooman and I will be completely charged.”


When cats lead a more comfortable life than you. Sometimes cat hoomans wish that they could live just like their cats.


Anywhere warm and cozy will do. This cat has found the best place in the house.


Cats were the one who invented sunbathe. Humans just got inspired and decided to follow them.

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