10 Cats That Did Something Incredibly Silly and Their Owners Managed to Capture It


Cats do a lot of weird and silly things. But their hoomans hardly get a chance to capture them in the right moment. Once in a while, the magic moment happens and cat hoomans get to see their cats doing incredibly silly things.

Here are some cats that did something incredibly silly and their owners managed to capture it. Have a look at these cat pictures and enjoy a good laugh!


When your cat finds the purrfect place to hide and you think that he has gone missing. “I was just trying something out, hooman. Can you leave me alone for some time?”


Cats know where his hooman has been hiding all his treats. The moment he got to know, this is what he did. “I will stick to this bag till the time you give me some treats.”


“Don’t worry. I am not leaving. I only want a better view. You can go back to sleep now.”


“I see that you are trying to touch me. You know that you are not allowed to do that.”

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“How did you fit in there? Shift and make some space for me. I want to join you too.”


If you think that nobody can see you, then you are completely wrong. You can surely do a lot better than this.


When your cat finally reacts to something that you do and this is what you got.


“We like to share our food. Do you have any issue with this?”


When your cat is feeling too cold and decides to stick inside the little piece of cloth that he could find.


Have you ever seen your cat smile? Have a look at this cat and you will have an idea what your cat will look like when it smiles.

Don’t forget to share this hilarious cat story with your family and friends. Spread the smiles around because it is always good to share. Does your cat also do silly things? Share your story with us in the comments!

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