10 Cats That Are Just Tired of Being Good Boys and Girls


Cats are never good at being good and so, they are not known for it also. They like to do their own thing whether anyone likes it or not. There are some cats who tried to be good, but then they got bored of it. The felines like adventure and they make sure that their hoomans are also a big part of this adventure.

Here are some hilarious cats that are just tired of being good boys and girls. Have a look at these pictures and you will know all about it!


“My hooman like these flowers better than me. I can’t let them live now. Goodbye roses, see you never again!”


Each cat has already settled in. “You can also sit in your huge bathtub hooman. We haven’t taken it, yet.”


When your cat is angry at you, this is what it might do to take revenge. If you don’t want this to happen, don’t anger your cat.


The dog tried to ask nicely. But when a cat says no, nobody can do anything.

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When your cat doesn’t like your fiancé, this is how it will try and ruin your wedding. “What if my hooman’s fiancé doesn’t look good on the wedding day and she refuses to marry him? I can totally make that happen.”

Cats always come up with ideas to get what they want. They don’t stop till they have what they want.


Cats like to eat plants and ruin them.


When you have two cats who want to sit at the same spot, this could be a usual site in your home.


Sitting on places that you don’t want your cat to sit on is all that cats want to do. “Hi hooman, I like this place and I have taken it.”


Cats like to defy the laws of gravity all the time. Have you ever seen your cat do such thing?


Cats like to explore new places in the wild. They have already conquered a lot of places.

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