10 Cat Tweets That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At


Cats do a lot of weird and hilarious things all the time. Even though this puts their hooman into trouble and creates a lot of mess, cat hoomans wouldn’t want to change anything. Cats are pawsome the way they are and everyone has accepted this thing. So instead of creating a fuss about all the things that cats do, you can sit back and enjoy whatever they do.

Here are some of the most hilarious cat tweets that are impossible not to laugh at. Have a look at these cat tweets and you will get a good laugh.


When you start living with a cat, nothing seems weird anymore. This cat hooman is crazier than the cat itself.


The entire planet belongs to the cats. They can walk in and out of any place at any time.


Cats got bored and changed their ways. They are now more like hoomans than ever before.


This picture will bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

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The happiness on a cat’s face after creating a mess is worth it all.

Where there is a cat, there will be mess. But you can’t expect much from a cat because cats always do what they want. So you have to be more careful around them.


When a cat takes the job of teaching her hooman all about fashion, this is how it will look like.


This is what a cat is busy doing when it goes out of home. So if it returns with a few scratches, you know where it has been.


Just like humans, cats also value that thing more that they can’t get easily.


Cats can always come up with amazing ideas when it comes to running away from exercise.


This is why cats hate water. The water drops never listen to the cats.

Don’t forget to share this hilarious cat story with your friends and family! Cats have only one mission in life and that is to spread happiness around.

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