10 Bold Cats Who Are Totally Against Their “Owners”


The felines always live the best life and they don’t stop for anyone or anything. If they want something, the cats won’t stop till they make it happen. The interesting part is that when a cat’s interest is in conflict with his hooman’s, he will always focus on his interest. There is nothing that is placed above a cat’s interest.

Here are some bold cats who are totally against their owners. Have a look at these cats and you will know why!


You are not allowed to go out without the permission of your cats or else it will result in this. Once a cat wants something, it won’t stop till it gets all of it.


There is no way that you are going to complete a puzzle when there is a cat by your side. “Why do you want to waste your time on building some stupid thing when I am going to destroy it all in the end.”


When its puzzle day and your cat is in the mood for complete destruction. “Here hooman, I have done my job. You can clean up the mess now.”


Always offer whatever you eat or drink to your cat first. Otherwise, you won’t get to eat anything else.

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Sitting where it shouldn’t be is what cats focus on doing all day long. “Hi hooman, I know you weren’t expecting to see me here, but now you can’t do anything about it.”

Finding strange places to sit at is what cats are experts at. They love to trouble their hooman all the time.


Sleeping on laundered clothes and leaving hair all over it is what cats like to do every single time. The felines don’t leave even a single opportunity to irritate their hoomans.


New furniture in the house and the cat has already got its paws on it. “Why won’t you let me touch the new couch, hooman! I like how it feels against my claws.”


When your things go missing, you need to ask your cat where he has been hiding them all.


Even when the entire bed is empty, your cat will only sit where it is not supposed to sit. Because that’s what cats do.


The cat can do what it wants. Also, it deserves the best of everything.

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